Kitchen Remodel

December 2, 2015
Kitchen Remodel

Peek into how I transformed our very average, yet fully-functioning kitchen, into the gorgeous kitchen of my dreams!

When we bought our house there was nothing updated in our kitchen. I’m talking white appliances, cheap formica countertops, builder-grade oak cabinets, a white porcelain sink, and dated tile floors.

I wish I had pictures of the kitchen before we started any projects on it, but I don’t! 

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

+ Timeframe +

We did everything very slowly when it came to fixing up this part of our house. Kitchen remodels can obviously get outrageously pricey. We initially purchased a granite-composite, dark grey, duo mount Blanco sink, and industrial stainless-steel faucet. I opted for one large basin rather than a divided sink, which I highly recommend for washing large pans and babies!

We eventually carried our laminate floors through our kitchen, which instantly glammed the kitchen. The tile was hasta la vista, and our house was one continuous open space rather than being so choppy due to the floor transitioning to tile.

We opted for quartz countertops because they are basically impenetrable and zero maintenance. This was the perfect choice considering I live with a toddler and a less-than tidy hubby. Quartz is a little more pricey, but so worth it for families where spills happen. Marble is pretty, but could be your worst nightmare because it stains crazy easy…think red wine. 

+ Choosing Appliances +

New appliances were not a must considering everything worked just fine, but I knew stainless-steel would make a big difference! So, out with the white appliances and in with the new fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. I still feel like it’s Christmas morning when I open my beautifully organized fridge! I don’t regret the purchase for a second. We bought all of our appliances through Lowe’s, and they gave us a 10% discount since we bought them all in house. Keep that in mind if you are in the market for appliances!

I did a TON of research on appliances regarding their performance and functionality for our lifestyle. That being said I opted for mismatched appliances because it was more important to me to have the best of everything, rather than for them to match brand-wise. For example, we opted for a Bosch dishwasher, but Bosch isn’t known for their refrigerators, so we have a family-style Whirlpool fridge! I also loved the LG stove & oven, and made sure to get their microwave to match since it sits directly above it. (If you do this too, just make sure you pick the exact stainless-steel finishes as different brands can vary slightly!)

+ Cabinets +

Then, we splurged kinda. We didn’t buy all new cabinets, so I basically think I’m a saint. Kidding. But, we did hire a carpenter to dress up our current cabinets and kitchen island. He added trim work to our island to make it look a little more substantial. He also added crown moulding to the tops of our cabinets for height. Then, we got new cabinet doors (shaker style) for a more modern and sleek look. Our previous cabinets had a lot of detailed trim, which looked dated. This was absolutely crucial & was the biggest wow-factor of our entire remodel.

Kitchen RemodelKitchen RemodelKitchen Remodel

Lastly, we painted the dated oak cabinets, new doors, and new trim a beautiful cream color. So gorgeous! I opted to paint the kitchen island a dark grey to match our stair banister. It made things pop, and broke up the cream. We added new hardware to all the cabinets and drawers, which is a step to be noted because it is a pricey last step most people forget when making their initial budget.

Kitchen RemodelKitchen Remodel

Ta-da my previous blah kitchen is now one of my favorite rooms in my house. You don’t have to move or gut your existing kitchen to make it look completely different! There are ways to avoid dropping an arm and a leg on a kitchen remodel.  You just have to get creative, and see what you absolutely have to change and what things you can dress up a bit!

sarah ashbaugh signatureKitchen Remodel

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