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A Husband’s Take On Mother’s Day

April 30, 2016
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Is Mother’s Day another Hallmark holiday or cause for celebration? I guess that would depend on who you ask! My husband, Bennett, is reaching out to all of your hubbies to ensure YOU have a Mother’s Day to remember. I’ve also shared a Mother’s Day gift guide at the bottom of the post for your guy to conveniently stumble upon!


My father-in-law has always joked that I am still and always will be in “basic training'” regarding this whole marriage thing, yet I think he should take some tips from the master.

+ First things first, get out of bed: As soon as you hear that hint of a murmur, a peep of noise from the monitor, turn it off and get up. Be sure not to wake your lady, and make breakfast for your little one. 

+ Order food from a typical breakfast place you have gone before: I would strongly recommend something sugary and warm. Of course your lady orders a healthy omelette or a breakfast burrito at times, but you really can’t fail with french toast or pancakes with a side of meat. If you are up to the challenge, make it yourself; however, it’s a long day with your kid so you don’t want to wear yourself out.

+ Your lady wakes up, so surprised she has slept so long, has her favorite breakfast, and wonders what the day holds: Send her to get a pedi,  mani, or a facial. You know you are already on board with your kids until after nap time, and this just furthers her wonderful start to Mother’s Day. Truly, it’s a winner. If you have saved some money outside of your family funds for her to do it, I promise that sweetens the Mother’s Day brownie points ten-fold.

+ At this point, your lady has spent the day doting on herself, and now wants time with the whole family: I promise you, it is the start to the day that means the most to moms…sleeping in, eating a solid breakfast, and getting a little pampered is what will really spoil her. After her morning she is likely ready to be with you and the kids.

mother's day gift guide


1. MUG: A chic & fun coffee mug to brighten your morning. This marble mug is also available in black & mint ($18), and is a sure way to add style to your kitchen.

2. SHOES: Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? I’m lovin’ the retro style of these clogs & their price tag ($45)! They would pair perfectly with a sundress or flared jeans. But maybe a new pair of sneakers are more your thing?

3. SKIN PRODUCTS: I am such a sucker for all things SKINCARE. I have been obsessed with Eminence for a few years because it is organic, no crap, high-end skincare. It is made in Hungary, and you can purchase it from an authorized Eminence salon in your area. I also figured out that Amazon carries some of their products (much cheaper than purchasing from an authorized salon) like this Calm Skin Starter Kit ($41)! Such a steal!

4. NEW SUNNIES: I feel like buying new sunglasses is such a splurge. I never feel like it’s a justified purchase, and I can justify nearly any purchase (including overpriced handbags). So, you might as well have an excuse like Mother’s Day to pick these babies up. TOMS makes these retro shades ($98).

5. DECOR: Maybe you are way more into home decor than fashion. That’s ok, I think I am too! Go get something you have been wanting to add to your home like this crystal to energize and revitalize your home ($120)!

6. KITCHEN TOOL: What about a gorgeous french press? Coffee is DELICIOUS from a french press, and so stylish out of this copper one from Sur La Table ($50).

7. CANDLE: Candles can transform a room into a welcoming and warm environment. I am SUCH a crazy person when it comes to scents though. I am not a big perfume person anymore, and have to be super careful about which candles I use in my home. I guess I can thank two pregnancies for my high-sensitivity to smell. ANYHOW, this candle from Nordstrom is DIVINE. I personally love the Watermint scent, but it comes in three other varieties ($46)!

Regardless if the holiday is celebrated in your house, YOU should celebrate it. You’re a mom, and a d*mn good one. Get yourself a latte if nothing else. You work hard on a daily basis to keep your household afloat. It’s not an easy job, but the most rewarding one you have ever had.

Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

– Bennett

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