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The 2 Under 2 Club: Surviving & Thriving

July 15, 2016
kadence everlane glitter and breastmilk

I was recently initiated into the “2 Kids Under 2 Years Old” club. This allows me to take adorable and deceiving Pinterest-worthy pictures, but there is no denying this a challenging time.

There is no perfect time to have another child. Besides, there are women who find out their knocked up again at their 6 week postpartum check up…EEK! And, don’t forget about all of the women (aka saints) of the world who go on to have three, four, and five children!

Barrett Kadence

Photo Courtesy of Tiffanie Brewer Hermann

A Glimpse Into The “2 Under 2 Club”:

+ You just became the least favorite parent, despite the fact your giving 110% of yourself… +

In the one month since Kadence has been born, it has been a real disaster, but I’m also deeply filled with love and fulfillment. I feel stretched way too thin, and there just isn’t enough of Mommy to go around. I am overwhelmed to say the least. My son would really prefer to have his Mommy all to himself, and his sister can get a new mom as far as he is concerned. Can you blame him? 

My son just started coming around to me again within the last few days. He wanted nothing to do with me once Kadence entered the world, and to say it hurt my feelings would be an understatement. I have read all the articles about how normal it is for your kid to go through these favorite parent phases, but that did not help me once I was in the situation. I felt like he felt replaced, but in actuality he was all I wanted. I was happy to place Kadence down to make him feel special, but he wasn’t even giving me the time of day.

It was hard for me to conceptualize that this phase would pass. I thought he would be a daddy’s boy for life, and although my son is for sure obsessed with daddy, he is loving on his momma too these days. So, if you are hurting because your eldest is ignoring you, I swear it passes. Try to take advantage of the time with your new baby. Cuddle her and really revel in the time. It’s not like you can ever get that time back. I always think about the fact that I got this special time with Barrett, and Kadence deserves the same.

kadence everlane glitter and breastmilk

Photo Courtesy of Tiffanie Brewer Hermann

+ I’m a slave to my size F boobs yet again… +

Kadence nurses around the clock, so I’m back to being a 24-hour buffet. I had ALMOST forgotten how intense and constant nursing is. No one tells you that the beginning of breastfeeding your second child is JUST as painful as the first time but for a shorter amount of time. No, instead everyone tells you it is WAY better the second time around.

Well, everybody is a liar. I was comically pissed that all moms who have been through my journey would say it’s so much less pain the second go around. I’d much rather know the truth! My nipples were bleeding and I was dreading every nurse. I couldn’t believe I was trying to breastfeed a second time! 

After 10 days the pain significantly lessened, and I was starting to remember why I wanted to breastfeed in the first place. It is absolutely just as worth it to work through the pain as it was the with the first baby. You can do it, and it is easier to work through the pain because you have already done it once.

+ …because throwing colic into the mix just seemed appropriate +

On another note, I’m positive my daughter has colic! EEK! HOLY CRAP!

What could be more fun than watching your sweet princess of a baby scream her head off for three hours a night? Um, quite possibly ANYTHING!

It has been a trying time to say the least. My son didn’t have colic, so this is a very new road for me. She is a doll most hours of the day, but don’t come to my house between the hours of 8 and 11 p.m. You will be very sorry!

kadence everlane glitter and breastmilk

Photo Courtesy of Tiffanie Brewer Hermann

+ Is it possible to clone myself? +

Nap time is an absolute disaster. Just try to visualize my little situation. I rub my son’s back as he falls asleep while breastfeeding my daughter simultaneously. I somehow also manage to read him a story during this time with one hand. Oh, and have I mentioned my son is a twiddler (more on this subject later)? So, while all of this is going on, my son is trying to twiddle the one breast that Kadence isn’t nursing! Like, is it possible to share anymore of myself? Maybe if I was pregnant with a third, which is so never happening. But to get back on subject, if only one child is crying at 12 I consider it a win. If both are, well, I just try to be as patient as possible.

+ It’s 2 against 1 when you’re home alone with them… +

Having to choose which child to soothe is a daily debacle, and I usually pick my toddler if my daughter is full and has a clean diaper. However, if he is being unreasonable I pick my daughter. He is learning more and more each day on how to cope with a sister, and giving him a sibling is one of the best life lessons I can give him. I try to remember that when I wanna lose my cool and raise my voice. I am becoming more patient by the day, which I didn’t expect. I expected it to be the other way around, but I’m learning just like he is.

+ This too shall pass +

I am trying for us to get in a good rhythm and routine, but let’s be honest, it’s complete chaos in my house! The best kind of chaos, but chaos nonetheless. I do my best to nap when the kids nap, and clean when I get a moment to myself. Having a clean house is essential to my sanity. I started working out again, and getting back into my old healthy habits. I just keep telling myself that this is a season and it will pass, and one day (far far away possibly) I will be missing these crazy 2 under 2 days!

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kadence everlane glitter and breastmilk

Photo Courtesy of Tiffanie Brewer Hermann

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