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Meeting McKenzie Hoffman of Blue Harvest Apparel

November 7, 2016
blue harvest apparel glitter and breastmilk

Having the privilege to sit down with Blue Harvest Apparel’s owner, McKenzie Hoffman, was nothing short of stepping into a design wonderland. This woman’s entrepreneurial, independent, and earthy spirit is captivating. Her eye for design is clearly distinct, and her personality is both soft and warm. She is a newlywed who mainly answers to Aunt Keke by her 2 year old nephew Leo, never carries a purse anywhere, and is besties with her sister and mom. Oh, and did I mention her husband is a Hot Shot? Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s about as cool as it sounds.

I got to pick her brain on all things design, fashion, and wellness. So, grab a latte or lock yourself in the bathroom and indulge.

Q: Walk me through your journey of becoming a store owner. How did you end up in Fort Collins? My family moved here from San Luis Obispo, California when I was 18-years-old. I followed soon after, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a concentration in Communication Design. I have always immersed myself in environments that enhance my creative process. 

Cultivating the relationship between the natural world and contemporary design is my ultimate goal with Blue Harvest Apparel.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household allowed me to harness my creative process at an early age.  I knew I wanted to create a space that reflected my love of design and fashion.

Q: Describe your style to me in two to three wordsMy style is casual and functional. I like investing in signature pieces that are unique and on trend.

blue harvest apparel glitter and breastmilk

Q: Your clientele consists of many moms. What do they seem to purchase the most? Moms gravitate towards clothing they can style effortlessly and have multiple purposes. At Blue Harvest we focus on flattering fits with a relaxed feel.

Q: What is the easiest way to throw a polished, yet effortless look together for the momma on-the-go? When your lifestyle is busy and on-the-go it can be challenging to put together a look. We recommend investing is quality basics. My favorite line at the shop is Joah Brown. Joah Brown creates apparel that transitions from work to work-out, errands to cocktails, and date nights to impromptu dance parties offering high-quality pieces at a small price. From curvy, boyish, petite, and full-figured body types, Joah Brown clothing flatters women of all sizes.

animal head display blue harvest apparel glitter and breastmilk

Q: Blue Harvest Apparel is beautifully decorated. How did you come up with the concept for the store design? 

The concept of Blue Harvest Apparel was inspired by a store that blends an earthy vibe with a Colorado-chic lifestyle look.

The décor is a combination of found objects and handmade fixtures. My husband helped me build some of the displays. We put everything on wheels so I could constantly change the room.

Q: What pieces did you purchase first to start the decorating process in your store? I am always changing my house, my style, and the store. I was in the car with my mom on the way to Boulder, and I didn’t even have a vision board yet. I just knew I wanted a very worldly store that almost felt like a marketplace. That car ride I found the umbrella, and then within that same week I also found the cow painting, and a buddha. The cow painting is a sacred animal in eastern philosophy, which helped tie in my theme.

blue harvest apparel glitter and breastmilk

Q: Where did you draw design inspiration from for your store? Growing up on the West Central Coast influenced my love of nature and style.

Q: There is definitely a holistic touch to your store between the natural candles, organic oils, and crystals. Tell me a little about your passion for wellness. The importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle has always been important to me. I’m very sensitive and pickup on energy easily. I focus on clean pure products that make me feel good. I can’t stand the smell of harsh chemicals.

McKenzie is about as genuine and unique as they come. When she isn’t pouring her positive energy into her store she is walking miles upon miles with her 8-month-old lab mix, Lunar and loving on her teacup chihuahua, Mochi. Stop into Blue Harvest in Old Town, Fort Collins and experience her creativity and knack for style first-hand.

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