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Choosing The Best Diaper For Your Baby

January 9, 2017

This is the 3rd post in a 5-post series related toΒ diaper rash. Here are the links to the two posts written prior to this one:

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Who would have thought the kind of diapers you buy could be contributing to your baby’s diaper rash? Are you using cloth diapers? There are so many diaper choices that it can be extremely overwhelming. Take some tips out of my “soon-to-be-second-time” mom book and determine the evil diaper rash culprit!

All diapers are not created equal! AND splurging on crazy expensive diapers do not mean you’ve eliminated diapers from the diaper rash equation either! If only it were so easy…

Disposable diaper brands all use their own chemical concoction if you will. Yes, they all use much of the same chemicals and ingredients, but at different amounts. For example, Honest diapers may react with your baby’s skin totally different than Huggies diapers.

Cloth diapers are fabulous in theory, but you need to be extra cautious of detergents being used to clean them. The cleaners alone can cause serious irritation to a baby’s skin. It is also crucial to change your child far more regularly when they are in cloth, as cloth diapers do not wick moisture away from the skin like disposables do.

So, all that being said…SHOP AROUND! Maybe cloth diapers do not suit your lifestyle, are far too much maintenance, pricey, or you flat out don’t want to use them! So don’t! But also, don’t feel like your only alternative is extra hippy-dippy diapers from Whole Foods (don’t get me wrong, i’m all about crunchy-hippy-dippy AND Whole Paycheck, but there are other options out there).

I only purchasedΒ Pampers Swaddlers when I was stocking up on diapers during my pregnancy. I had them stocked in four different sizes before he ever took his first breath of air…my nesting capabilities were fierce. Judge away, I was crazy serious. I read tons of blogs, books, and picked everyone’s brain I could find on diaper brands and decided Swaddlers were the cream of the crop. Well, Barrett was born and his skin HATED them. SERVES ME RIGHT! I hadΒ a whole closet worth of these things. One of many mommy lessons I was slapped in the face with during his first few months of birth. (P.s. Pampers are a great diaper brand, just Pampers’ particular concoction of diaper ingredients didn’t jive with my son’s skin.)

So, I immediately went out and splurged on Seventh Generation and Honest diapers. I assumed the more expensive and lesser amount of chemicals, the higher my chances would be knocking out the diaper issue…WRONG! So freaking wrong. The diaper rash wasn’t gone, and wasn’t any better either. I knew it wasn’t anything else other than the diaper because we used washcloths and warm water for his wipes, and his diaper cream did help his diaper rash not make it worse.


It wasn’t until our pediatrician’s nurse told us she tried every diaper under the sun before she discovered LUVS diapers worked for her kids! We LOVE LUVS diapers because they get the job done and jive well with Bear’s skin. This just goes to show, expensive is not always the answer. LUVS are by no means the priciest diapers, and are actually quite economical. Maybe Honest diaper are the way to go for your baby or Pampers might be! Every babies skin is different!


Moral of the story— SHOP AROUND! Do NOT stock up on one brand of diapers because you will be kicking yourself as you give away perfectly good diapers like I did. First time, overzealous, mommy mistake! Oh, you didn’t do that? Ok, just me!

Anyhow, hope this helps you either identify the type of diapers your using as your pesky culprit OR at a minimum helps you take your nesting down a notch and make one less mistake than I have!

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