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WTF Is Even In Baby Wipes?

January 10, 2017

I’m sure you are wondering what is even in baby wipes that make this subject post-worthy. How about hidden ingredients such as formaldehyde, hydroquinone, ethylene oxide, and 1,4-dioxane, and phthalates for starters. The fact that these chemicals are hard to pronounce is a good indication they are extra wacky, and probably not the ideal thing to be putting on your precious bundle of joy.

+ The Center for Disease Control suggests formaldehyde is a carcinogenic that is used as a preservative in everything from maraschino cherries to yes, baby wipes.

+ Get this…hydroquinone is the skin bleach cream Michael Jackson used! Like why should that EVER be touching your baby’s bum? It is toxic to the skin, an allergen, and a suspected carcinogenic! I mean, go buck wild if you need to correct a dark spot on your face I guess, but pump the brakes on putting this on your baby’s butt.

+ Ethylene oxide is sick sh**. It is linked to a boat load of cancers, lung tumors, and fertility issues (not that your baby is concerned with that, but you are the one touching the wipes & may like to have another child one day)!

+ 1,4-dioxane is a contaminant not only found in baby wipes, but also in an overwhelming amount of cosmetics. Skin and eye irritation are the short term effects, but it can also cause liver and kidney damage when used long-term. And surprise surprise, it’s a carcinogenic.

+ You have probably heard the term “phthalates” before this post. It is a buzzword among chemical-conscious people. Very little is known about this plastic softener because there haven’t been any case studies in humans. Some say this chemical’s bad reputation is strictly fear-based, and maybe that is true. Nonetheless, it is suspected to be linked to endocrine disruption and reproductive issues. You can make your own opinion!

So, how do you even go about picking the right types of wipes for your baby? I mean there is only 25 different types to choose from when you walk down the aisle at Target. For starters, the lesser amount of chemicals in the wipes the better off you will be overall. If you aren’t interested in chemical content, then feel free to shop different mainstream brands to see if there is a chemical concoction your baby’s skin isn’t sensitive to. After all, all of our mothers were likely using high-volume chemical wipes, and we all turned out just fine!

However, if you have a child like mine (diaper rash prone) I recommend going the extra safe route and buying hippy-dippy wipes. Better yet, the first 6 months of Barrett’s life we resorted to warm washcloths and water because he was so sensitive to everything we tried. This is a great avenue to take during those first months, but beware! Washcloths were A) Gross B) Somewhat inconvenient while traveling b/c there’s nothing classier than toting around a wet, poopy washcloth & C) The maintenance on cleaning these puppies became quite the ordeal. Now, if that is taking things way too far (I already told you how intense I can be) or if your child is older and their sh**s are quite rank, then read below to see what I recommend!

I discovered WaterWipes (no, this isn’t a sponsored post) after venting to my cousin about how disgusting the washcloth system was getting. The Ireland based company uses 1% fruit extract and the rest is pure H2O in their wipes. (If you wanna get nerdy—> The 1% fruit extract is comprised of three ingredients: dried grapefruit seed or pulp, vegetable glycerin, and ascorbic acid.) Barrett’s bum loved these babies! Finally, a wipe that doesn’t cause his bum to get red! AND GOOD-BYE WASHCLOTHS!

WaterWipes were originally only available on Amazon, but my Super Target has started carrying them. I still tend to buy them in bulk on Amazon if I can remember with enough notice!

You can get way hippier-dippier than WaterWipes though. Check out the blog, “I Read Labels For You” for a list of extra safe wipes. Personally, I think WaterWipes are my jam, and I’m sticking with them. But now you have the info to make your own informed decision!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on wipes and the chemicals used in them!

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